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Online Real Estate School is the Gold Seal of Education. Other schools will teach you how to pass an exam but Online Real Estate School will teach you how to run your real estate business profitably as well as pass the exam with high scores. Plus Online Real Estate School shows our students how to receive all of their $599.00 tuition back the last day of class.

Why pay for mediocre education when you could become a Cum Laude student of real estate.

Pre-licensing Education

Online Real Estate School Inc. has partnered with The CE Shop, the leader in online real estate education, to provide you with the highest quality Pre-licensing, Post-Licensing, and Continuing Education courses. These are state-approved, self-paced Courses that YOU can take in the comfort of your own home or anywhere YOU have internet access.

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Great Teacher, Great Instructor

I had Jake as instructor was back in December 2018.To get into real estate field, it was completely new to me and because language barrier .After I attended the first class, I was so amazed that the way he taught make me understandable and comfortable. He can always answer and help my questions and concerns. I highly recommend him to my friends. He is a great teacher, a great instructor.
Online Real Estate School
Warren Nelson, Director
Great Financial Class today. Thanks for attending Christine and thank you for your kind review. You are one of the few that gained my knowledge and secrets on boosting your credit score above 740. I hope you make great use of your newly obtained knowledge.

I’m very happy with my choice!

I was initially looking to go to another real estate school and accidentally click on the website thinking it was another school. However, I chose to go with this school because of the flexibility in schedules. The teacher is an experienced licensed real estate associate broker and teacher with 30 + years of experience. Mr. Warren Nelson does not only teach you what you need to pass the test, he offers mentorship opportunities once a student passes their licensing exam. While learning the information in class he gives his students additional information to help the students with their business once the students becomes a licensed real estate agent. So much information is given that it can be information over load. Mr. Warren Nelson allows his students from previous classes to sit in upcoming classes at their leisure in order to get multiple chances to grasp the real estate concepts in order to pass the test. He utilizes audio learning techniques in order to help students to remember the real estate concepts. I’m very happy with my choice and passing results from taking the test.
Online Real Estate School
Warren Nelson, Director

I have to admit Karriemah I was take back by your attention to detail. The way you investigated our credentials as a reputable and accredited learning institution before enrolling was impressive. These investigative skills will serve your clients well in the real estate industry. You passion and commitment is pronounce and one can’t help but notice the efforts you are willing to commit to your real estate education. It is always a pleasure to have you in attendance. It is also appreciated the way you assisted other students on their journey with your experience.

You posses the skills and character required to be successful in the industry and I believe your time to blossom has arrived. Karriemah Harris: Licensed Real Estate Professional in the state of Pennsylvania.

I Love It!!!

Let me just say I was a bit skeptical at first because I compared this online school with the bigger real estate schools but what caught my attention was the flexibility of this program (ie: Full time, Part time evenings and weekend classes). I am currently in my 3rd week of class and I must admit I LOVE IT!!! Warren takes his time to make sure everyone understands. He is thorough with his lectures and does not miss a beat! He doesn’t sugar coat anything and gives you the real deal when it comes to the real estate business. His classes aren’t boring and he keeps you engaged the entire time. He has gained my trust and proven that he isn’t just after the money. He is wise with the real estate business so best believe you will walk away with great and powerful knowledge. I’m definitely recommending his school to everyone I know. I look forward for the weeks to come!!
Online Real Estate School
Warren Nelson, Director

Joy, you were a joy to have in my class. Your presence brought the class to life and all the students came to life when you logged on. It was the anticipation of what you would say that always had the attention of the class. I have to admit your memory techniques surprised even myself. You have a gift of expression that resonates well. I appreciate that you chose Online Real Estate School Inc. to pursue your real estate education and your attendance will be remembered for a long time.

I have a feeling that no only did you make a lasting impression on our school but you will make a lasting impression on the real estate industry. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish. Best wishes Joy.

Amazing Instructor

Mr. Nelson is an amazing instructor. He fills his classes with personal experience and informative examples. He genuinely wants his students to exceed and understand the materials by responding to questions. Mr. Nelson takes the time to answer all of our questions. His knowledge of the industry and patience as an instructor has made my 1st Zoom classroom experience memorable. He is doing an excellent job with relating the ‘Practice’ material to real life situations. Thank you Mr. Nelson
Online Real Estate School
Warren Nelson, Director


The honor was mine Anna. You were part of an exceptional class and your presence and participation added to a great atmosphere. I enjoyed adding you into my real estate scenarios and appreciate your participation in my classroom. Your leadership skills showed as this went from your first zoom class to you leading zoom classes with the students in a study course. You have natural leadership skills Anna.

Your personality is a perfect match for the real estate industry and many will know your name. I believe you will leave your mark on this industry and it will be better for it. Years from now I will be able to say I knew Anna when she was just starting out… Now look at her.

Best wishes Anna on your new journey!

#1 Course

Going into this I thought It was going to be extremely hard to follow but the instructor explains everything. He gives you so much clear information and explains it so you actually can follow easily. I actually look forward to learn more because you can tell he has a passion for this and actually wants his students to learn and grasp the material. He is easy to speak to and is very enthusiastic about the material. Anyone can take his class and feel comfortable with knowing they are getting more than what they paid for. I would highly recommend this to anyone and would rate this class a #1 Course.
Online Real Estate School
Warren Nelson, Director


It was a pleasure having you in my class O. I enjoyed watching you learn as you filled out flash card after flash card. I believe you are my first student that actually wrote a class manual while attending the class. It all paid off for you on test day. The real estate industry was made for a person with your entrepreneurial skills and stands ready to embrace you. I looking forward to hearing from you after you pass your state exam.

Best wishes to you on your new journey.

Great Instructor

Mr. Warren Nelson was a great instructor. I previously had a real estate class at CCP and didn’t follow through with it. I’m so glad that I got to take it again but in his class. It was a great experience and I deeply appreciate all of his help. Thank you Mr. Nelson for your help and guidance.
Online Real Estate School
Warren Nelson, Director


It was a pleasure having you in my class Joan. You manage to make every minute in your day productive. From work to my class while cooking dinner for the family. With skills like yours to multi task you will do well in this business. I wish you much success with your real estate business.

I got out what I put in

I cant say enough about this class & its instructor! Warren Nelson made everything clear with great examples for each key point in the text. He is a straight forward, no nonsense instructor. I would recommend him as an instructor for anyone taking a course in real estate with the goal of getting all you need! I got out what I put in and the end result was successfully passing his class. Kudos to Warren Nelson for fully preparing me for the next step in my goal to work in the real estate business! Thank you Sir!
Online Real Estate School
Warren Nelson, Director


It was a pleasure Groover. Your efforts are superior to most. I believe as an entrepreneur you have the secret ingredient to succeed. Effort. That discipline you have to make every effort will pay off big for you in the future. Good luck to you Grover in your endeavors.

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