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Jake is the best real estate instructor in Philadelphia. Very knowledgeable—I LEARNED A LOT! Best $500/ investment!!! Jake answers any questions you may have. If I could rate this school 1000 stars I would! Now I’m a licensed real estate agent all thanks to this guy!!! I highly recommend this instructor.

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There is no quit in your game Malik. No one was more qualified to take the state exam. The effort you contributed to your success and the perseverance you showed all paid off. Congratulation to you Malik on a well deserved accomplishment. Congratulations on passing the State exam.


Warren Nelson is a fantastic and knowledgeable teacher. He explains the complicated material in a comprehensive way and relates it to real world experiences. He motivates his students to succeed in and outside the real estate. I would recommend this class to anyone who is thinking about pursuing a career in real estate.

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Dariya with the vast amounts of knowledge in the real estate industry that you have obtained and your mathematical achievements one only wonders if you will be an architect. I hope to hear from you after you pass the State Exam.


Warren Nelson was phenomenal. Very knowledgeable, energetic, and enthusiastic instructor. He made learning exciting. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in real estate. Thanks Mr Nelson.

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Thank you Javier for your kind words. You certainly have the skills and drive to succeed. I usually remark “I hope to hear from you after you pass the State Exam.” but your ambition and determination has you passing the state exam before I could even reply. Congratulations to you Javier on passing the state exam.

Payment options allowed me to start!

Keri Dan Mitchell

This payment option allows you to start without having to pay in full upfront. Most people in this economy don’t have $499 sitting around and ready to give away even if it is for a good cause. Installments worked better for me and now I am a licensed Realtor growing my database. Take the chance and start with the $150, you won’t regret it!



I recently completed this six-week course with Warren “Jake” Nelson. I was the only student in his evening class. He still taught the class as if it was a full classroom. Starting this class, I wasn’t exactly sure if I wanted to be a real estate agent. In six weeks, I have received so much insight and information. He’s really a good teacher, his example and life experiences were great. I can be real-estate agent as well as an investor and so much more, very excited to get in the field. Thank you so much!

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As I said many times Darcella you were my best student in my first evening class. Since the school had just started and word had not gotten out yet about the evening classes I was only too happy to teach you on a one on one basis. I very much appreciate your kind words in this review. It was a pleasure to have you in my class. I hope to hear from you after you pass the State Exam.


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Hands Down the best school for real estate. With more than 30+ yrs in the business Mr.Warren Nelson(school instructor). From my own experience His teachings enables you to grasp, Learn, & remember the curriculum to be ready, execute & become successful in the Real estate career field. I couldn’t have had a more better teacher & school. Thank you.

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Very proud of your efforts Eli. You gave it 100% and it showed on exam day. You have a desire that will carry you on in this field. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the years to come. Thank you for choosing my school to learn your craft.


I had Jake as instructor was back in December 2018.To get into real estate field,it was completely new to me and because language barrier .After I attended the first class,I was so amazed that the way he taught make me understandable and comfortable.He can always answer and help my questions and concerns.I highly recommend him to my friends.He is a great teacher,a great instructor.

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Great Financial Class today. Thanks for attending Christine and thank you for your kind review. You are one of the few that gained my knowledge and secrets on boosting your credit score above 740. I hope you make great use of your newly obtained knowledge.


Can’t say enough about the way this class is taught.. had several colleagues attend other schools and I’m very thankful that I chose a class taught by this instructor..I sold my first property “dual agent” two weeks after license.. Just something about they way he incorporates real life scenarios to further understand what is being taught. 5 stars for me! Only If you’re serious about a profitable real estate career..this instructor will show you how!! I promise you that.. you definitely won’t be disappointed.. thanks “Jake”…

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Thank you for your kind words. I’m very proud of your accomplishments since graduating my class. Not only did you achieve your real estate license but you learned your lessons well and actually applied them to your successful business. I wish you health and wealth. May you have a prosperous 2019.


I am a Delaware resident, because most public school in DE is not that good, so lot people work in DE but they lives in PA. currently I having two real estate classes one in DE and another in PA. Obviously he is the best instructor! This class is definitely worth what I payed and even it takes me 1:30 hours to get there.

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You drove an hour and the half each day and was still the first student every morning. It was a pleasure to have you in my class. I hope to hear from you after you pass the State Exam.


Love the class. The instructor is awesome

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Thank you for your great suggestion while in class I have already incorporated two of your suggestions. You are going to be a great representative. It was a pleasure to have you in my class. I hope to hear from you after you pass the State


Great location for the school, lots of parking. Jake is a great instructor. He keeps you engaged in the topics and chapters. A lot of feed back between the class and he uses real world scenarios to explain the topic at hand. Will recommend this class to anyone who is interested in starting a career in Real Estate or Investments.

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It was nice to see that you had so much experience as a homeowner already. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the class. You will do very well on the State Exam. It was a pleasure to have you in my class. I hope to hear from you after you pass the State Exam.


Mr. Nelson is an outstanding instructor and a good man to say the least. He really shows that he cares about teaching and not just taking your money like most real estate classes. I had no prior knowledge of the real estate world whatsoever. In six weeks I’ve learned so much and more. “Jake” is the man to go see if you’re thinking of getting into Real Estate game! Thanks again jake for everything!!

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What can I say Brother you were the life of the class. Your personality is going to pay dividends in this industry. Thank you for the spark you brought to the class and it was a pleasure making your acquaintance. It was a pleasure to have you in my class. I hope to hear from you after you pass the State Exam.